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Friday, 2 April 2010

Kangaloonies member Linda

When did you learn to knit? I've been knitting since I was 5. My mother taught me when I was in hospital recovering from nasty burns on my neck when someone threw a sparkler at me on November 5th.
What did you start with? I knitted dolls' clothes first, then moved on to scarves and then bigger things. Then I stopped until I had my children and then started up again knitting things for them.
Have you continued the family tradition? Oh yes, I have taught my children and now I'm teaching my grandchildren to knit, they all have a go. Scarves tend to be what they want to knit most.
Favourite yarns: Noro, Rowan and Colinette. I like natural fibres and unusual yarns. Sari silk yarns are good too, anything with lots of texture and strong colours.
Favourite pattern? I like following patterns, but I also like to introduce my own designs and yarns into something to make it different and more personal. I'll often only have one ball of something but I know it will come in handy to add to the right projects.
Favourite project? I'm into socks at the moment!
Favourite needles? Lantern Moon straights and circulars are lovely, I suffer a bit from arthiritis so the the the wooden needles are great.
Kangaloonies Project: my favourite project this year was my Noro jacket (shown in the image)

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