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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Autumn in France

We had the first really heavy frost of the year this morning, but it is another beautiful sunny day. Perfect for our weekly dog walk club, followed by tea and cake at Lorraine's.

Another completed project from the October knitting and crochet workshop in France

Jane has finished her cushion. Using a mix of knitted textures this is the completed project she was working on during the knitting and crochet workshop with Carol Meldrum.

Jane's cushion
And I have finally finished the Katia waistcoat I seem to have been knitting for ever! On to the next half finished project.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Last day of the festive bunting workshop

We are at the end of the Festive bunting workshop and the end of the year for the workshops and retreats at Knitting holidays in France.

It has been another fantastic week, with glorious sunshine most of the week, another bunch of lovely ladies, lots of knitting and plenty of retail therapy.

Yesterday was a full day workshop and with an extra two day girls Debbie had a busy day. Katherine and Elisabeth are very close to finishing their projects, but time is running out........

Today was the final workshop in the morning followed by an afternoon out in Cognac.

shopping in Promod
Most of us managed to buy a few things in Promod, Casa and Tissu Bonnet and the Christmas issue of Marie Claire Idee, followed by drinks and waffles in the square.

Seth enjoying a waffle
It has been a fantastic week to finish off an amazing year, we are looking forward to the first retreat in April 2018, (spaces still available), but before that a couple of months of R&R.

Debbie clearing up her toys

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Festive bunting workshop at Knitting holidays in France with Debbie Abrahams

The workshop is going well, the sun is shining and Debbie has boosted the French economy dramatically after just two shopping trips.

We had a lovely afternoon in Saintes yesterday, with great excitement all round to find that Maison du Monde is full of Christmas decorations

The rest of the town is still building up to Halloween

This morning a few of us went on a trip to the market in St Jean d'Angely

then back home for lunch and an afternoon of knitting in the sunshine

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Debbie Abrahams Festive Bunting workshop

And we are off again on the final holiday for 2017 at Knitting holidays in France
Debbie arrived on Sunday full of her usual enthusiasm and energy. She has designed a fabulous kit for the workshop project, incorporating fairisle and beading.

Monday was a full day workshop - so Debbie started off everyone on the beading. Then on Tuesday morning they started on the first fairisle  pattern. After lunch we are all going to Saintes for shopping!

October 2017 knitting and crochet workshop with Carol Meldrum

Thursday was a full day workshop, everyone was frantic to try and finish their projects so it was nose to the grindstone all day.Our friend Moira appeared with a huge basket of figs, which provided a delicious starter for the evening meal of figs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in prosciutto.

Culli sold another of his yarn bowls to Cindy, this one had an amazing interior that looked just like a lemon and a pear.

Friday was the last morning for projects, then a relaxing afternoon in Cognac.

In the evening we had show and tell for all the work done during the week.

Barbara's samples and finished cushion front, in a mix of knitting and crochet

Jacqui worked her way through the knitted samples from the stitch directory

Cindy took her inspiration from a lovely piece of fabric she bought at the brocante on Sunday - a piece of linen with hand painted chickens. She also rattled off a couple of snoods with the yarn bought in Saintes.

Gill C worked on a mix of knit and crochet, producing some lovely samples

Gill P tackled her first piece of crochet, worked her way through some of the knitted samples & made a fish book mark and a case for her sun glasses.

Jan went for a bit of bling in her gorgeous beaded evening bag 

and Jane made a beautiful cushion cover using a variety of knitted stitches

A great week, with lots of laughs and some wonderful finished results. Thank you to Carol for all her hard work!