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Sunday, 25 September 2016

The final day of knitting and crochet with Carol Meldrum

On Friday morning everyone was slaving away to get their projects finished for show and tell in the evening. After lunch we went into Cognac for a last afternoon of sightseeing and shopping.

Then home for gin and tonic and a chance to admire the finished projects, all of which are amazing! Bearing in mind the mix of skill levels and the fact that they were all working from the same pattern the results are fantastic. Everyone has chosen completely different colours and incorporated different ideas and embellishments to make each one completely unique,

It has been a great week with a lovely bunch of ladies and lots of laughter, they all got on so well that plans are underway for the same group to meet up here again next year.

The last supper of Gazpacho, paella and croissant and brioche custard.

More knitting and crochet in France with Carol Meldrum

On Wednesday everyone spent all day working on their projects, which are starting to come together.

The lovely sunny weather made blocking and pressing easy, with squares drying quickly ready for stitching together

In the evening we had lamb tagine cooked outside

On thursday afternoon some of my craft group joined us for a crash course in crochet from Carol and were instantly hooked(!), with two signing up to do the full course next year as day girls.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Knitting holidays in France 2016 knitting and crochet workshop with Carol Meldrum

We are into the 4th day of the workshop with Carol, the sun is shining and everyone seems happy. This group is truly international with guests from the US, UK, Spain and France. Carol has set a project for a cushion cover with the following brief -
'Dip into the world of modular textiles to create your very own design. Throughout the week we will focus on creating blocks and squares in a selection of techniques, so you can knit, crochet or mix and match to your hearts content'.

Here are some of her samples

On Sunday morning we went to a brocante and found a few bargains

Work in progress

Yesterday we went into Saintes for yarn and fabric shopping, a visit to the Roman Amphitheatre

shopping for chocolates

and tea, coffee and beer at the lovely cafe next to the museum

On the way home we stopped at Egreteau our local Cognac producer for a tour of the distillery, a tasting session and a cuddle with their dog Fern's 4 gorgeous puppies

Everyone bought bottles of Cognac and Pineau and I think we have just bought a puppy .............

Supper of Charentaise melon and feta cheese salad, lemon chicken with roasted vegetables and pavlova