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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Knitting workshop in France June 2011

Wow! We already have two bookings and that is without even a programme.
However, Heike and Anne are hard at work on the workshop details now. The theme is going to be based around 'Cottage Gardens' with plenty of inspiration at the chateau, and the classes will be perhaps a little more challenging this time encouraging students to use more freeform knitting and techniques they are not familiar with. I can't wait to see it.
As the holiday finishes on the Saturday next year we will miss Chauvigny market, however there is a street market and brocante (antiques & bric'a'brac) in Poitiers on a Friday which will be a good alternative and it also means that I can encourage students to visit the beautiful church in the old town of Chauvigny instead of the market (especially if we drop them off at the top of the hill), where the painted pillars and friezes are perfect for knitting inspiration.

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  1. I have also sent in my booking for June 2011, I was too late for joining this year, it was already full when I started my planning. Looking forward to be back in St.Julien and see you all. Toril(from Norway)