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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Black Redstart chicks...

.... at least that is what I think they are. Rare in the UK, but fairly common in this part of France.
I am no twitcher, in fact birds frighten me. I would rather jump in a snake pit than walk into a room with a bird loose in it, however I have become fascinated with this little family. The five chicks are about eight or nine days old, mum has built the nest in a flower pot on a shelf in my potting shed (which is the other half of Culli's workroom). They seem totally oblivious to the noises going on around them which include Culli with his electric table saw and various other tools. I am hoping that they will fly the nest before too long as we have the Noizefest here next week, which involves lots of loud friends and family and even louder music.

1 comment:

  1. I love these birds! Such a funny 'song' with some tweeting and then a crumpling paper noise! Took me ages to find out where that noise was coming from.