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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Early June knitting and crochet retreat in France

Where does the time go to - I seem to be more than a week behind with the blog at the moment!
The first retreat in June was another wonderful week - a mix of old and new guests.
We started the week with a trip to the Puce de Couturieres at one of our local villages - a wonderful market of new & vintage fabric, trimmings, yarn, buttons, bag handles and lots more .....

By the end of the second evening everyone was starting to feel a little weary 

and yarn winding was not going well

After an early walk in the fields with Buddy & Billie I was ready for a trip to Cognac

Starting at my favourite yarn shop

Then a wander around the town

and coffee and cognac (for some!) in the square

Back home for more knitting and crochet

The next outing was to Saint Jean d'Angeley

First stop was the sweetie shop

Then more shopping and sightseeing

on the last evening we went to visit Egreteau our local Cognac producer for a bit of tasting and shopping

Back home for apero's and supper and the end of another week at Knitting holidays in France with some amazing people

Saturday, 9 June 2018

May knitting and crochet retreat in France

We had a small select group for this holiday - with four returning guests. The weather was lovely for most of the week, but ended with a spectacular storm on the way back to Bordeaux.
It was a lovely relaxing time, we managed three outings for shopping and plenty of knitting and crochet.

The countryside looks amazing at the moment, very green from all the rain we have had, dotted with bright splashes of colourful red poppies.

Shopping in Cognac for fabric and yarn

Twins Lesley and Angela were both working on the same project - The Rossylyn crochet blanket by Helen Shrimpton

Coffee and a sticky patisserie from our wonderful boulangerie 

And as well as the garter and various other projects Linda was making a gorgeous crochet table cloth