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Thursday, 5 February 2009

February and March knitting workshops in Sussex

The Embellishments workshop at the end of February is now fully booked and so is the Finishing Techniques workshop in March. We do still have a few spaces left for 'How to Knit Socks' on the 11th March, so book now.

Talking of socks the new Mini Mochi sock yarn from Crystal Palace is due in stock around the 12th February, these fantastic shades are flying out - brighten up your day with a look at the full range here.

Rowan spring collection 2009

We have had a manic couple of weeks with all the new Rowan books and yarn arriving. Everything that could go wrong did! I have had a problem with my internet connection so it has taken me days to get all the new stuff up on the website. I totally under ordered on the first batch of books so we ran out of magazine 45 in the first few hours of it going up on the website, we have had another three deliveries since then so should catch up with the orders today and finally thanks to the snow we had no deliveries or postal collections for two days..........................

however, I am pleased to say that we are very nearly on top of things and everything should be running like clockwork by tomorrow! So huge apologies to anyone who hasn't received their order yet, or an email notifying them of the delay - it is on the way. If it makes anyone feel any better I only received my Rowan International delivery of Mag 45 today, so at least we aren't the only ones running behind!

The new books are worth the wait, there are some fabulous designs and new four new yarns - Lenpur Linen, Organic Cotton 4 ply, Siena Cotton 4 ply and Pima Cotton DK. I have put the quantities needed for the designs in Rowan 45, Lenpur Linen and Milk Collection up on the website so you can order the yarn at the same time as the books. We also have some of the wonderful buttons from Bedecked arriving soon, these are used in many of the new designs in the Rowan and Rowan Classic books (see the image above).