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Monday, 16 July 2012

Summer has arrived

The sunflowers are finally out in sunnyish France and at last the weather looks like it is improving. It has been  far better here than in the UK, but still not brilliant. However, we managed to pack in a fair bit with our French student last week.
My brocante purchase
Young Paul (age 13) was from Paris and stayed with us for two weeks to learn English. We have been cycling, sailing, shopping, visiting brocantes, playing tennis, building wardrobes, wood turning, painting, to the Blues Festival at Cognac, watching films, cooking and I am knackered, it was far more exhausting than a knitting workshop. The dogs are also shattered as he found communicating with them a lot easier than talking to us, poor Be Bo (he couldn't pronounce the p), has been made to sit, stand, walk, jump, lie down, run for 12 hours a day without a break.
sailing to Meschers

It was a big learning curve for all of us, however I am pleased to say that having arrived with no spoken English at all he was stringing a few sentences together by the end of the holiday. The next student arrives at the beginning of August, three weeks recovery time!
Culli's latest wood-turning projects

Paul's gorgeous chocolate cake

the jamming session at Cognac Blues Passion