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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snowed in again!

I am stuck in snowy Sussex and Culli is stuck in France. He was meant to be on a flight here yesterday so that we could have an early Christmas Day with the family, but all flights have been cancelled - what a pain. I really hope I can get back to France next week! The only good news is more time to finish the book, but I can't get out to Kangaroo at the moment, so no Open Day today, hopefully will get there for Monday. There are lots more bargains in the yarn clearance sale and I will be making more changes to the website over Christmas.


  1. My friend almost got stuck in Paris with Eurostar (she ended up spending Sunday night at the cold train station, but luckily was put on the first train out to London on Monday). Good luck with getting to France next week.

  2. Hello! Will you be offering beginners crochet courses? A work colleage (from The Cloth Store, Horsham) did a course with you and recommended it. My New Years challenge is to learn to crochet so I can do Amigurumi !