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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Yarn Stash

How do you sort yours? Last year I thought I was organised with my stash, it was at least in boxes, kind of sorted by thickness and in cupboards. Over the last 7 months it seems to have exploded over the landing floor, into one of the guest bedrooms and found its way into a multitude of plastic carrier bags that are stuffed behind the sofa. The artist in me wants to re-sort it all into different baskets for each individual shade, but the practical side says to stick to yarn types and weights. Big decision!
Either way I have more than a lifetimes supply, so have decided to make up some Goody Bags. These used to be a hot seller on the KnitKits website, but I have never had time to do them since. Goody Bags are great for fair-isle projects and small accessories that use a number of colours. They are not a kit, but will include a few inspirational ideas, maybe a few beads or some buttons and every one is different. There will be some available later this week, click here to order.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A day in the garden

For the first time for ages I have actually had the time to spend a whole day pottering in the garden in the most glorious sunshine. I have tackled the weeding, sown seeds, planted out some Cosmos seedlings, potted up cherry tomatoes and rocket and sat in the sun with a glass of wine - bliss!
The Roses and Clematis are just starting to flower and the vine is working it's way over the pergola to provide some much needed shade.
During a clear out in the the mess that I call my potting shed I discovered a bucket of dried lavender that I had completely forgotten, so am going to spend this evening making up some lavender bag kits for KnitKits.
The little Minature Shnauzer guest who is staying with us for a couple of weeks seems to have settled in really well, although Bix and BeBop ignore her most of the time which is a bit sad as she is desperate to play with them.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Bix's Birthday

Bix the dog was 11 yesterday, which according the chart in our vets means he is 105 in dog years as large dogs age quicker than the standard 7 years to 1 of ours. Anyway he looks pretty good for it and had a good long walk through the woods with his dog club mates.
I managed to get the final samples for my latest book in the post on Monday, which was deadline day. It is so lovely to be able to relax a bit for the first time in the last 7 months. I am now on a major blitz on the house and sorting out the stock for Kangaroo. We have had b&b guests for two nights this week, which was great, hopefully with the lovely weather and Easter approaching there will be more bookings soon.