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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Yarn Stash

How do you sort yours? Last year I thought I was organised with my stash, it was at least in boxes, kind of sorted by thickness and in cupboards. Over the last 7 months it seems to have exploded over the landing floor, into one of the guest bedrooms and found its way into a multitude of plastic carrier bags that are stuffed behind the sofa. The artist in me wants to re-sort it all into different baskets for each individual shade, but the practical side says to stick to yarn types and weights. Big decision!
Either way I have more than a lifetimes supply, so have decided to make up some Goody Bags. These used to be a hot seller on the KnitKits website, but I have never had time to do them since. Goody Bags are great for fair-isle projects and small accessories that use a number of colours. They are not a kit, but will include a few inspirational ideas, maybe a few beads or some buttons and every one is different. There will be some available later this week, click here to order.

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