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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Kangaloonies knitting group member Jo

When did you start knitting? I've been knitting for ever and I've never stopped
What has been your favourite project? Definitely my 'coat of many colours' which I did before I came to Kangaroo. It was knitted in Log Cabin patchwork. I like it because I am really into the construction of the garments and the technical side of knitting.
Favourite yarn? Anything expensive - especially silk! I also like the Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden yarns - they are such beautiful colours and each skein is slightly different, which makes it interesting to knit with.
What have you just completed? I've just finished a shawl in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi (Strawberry and Lime). In fact, I ended up doing it twice as I didn't like the first pattern - I changed it to the Forest Canopy Shawl which I got from Ravelry. It has beads and has turned out really nicely. I did find the Mini Mochi a bit stick to work with though.
What is your current project? I'm knitting a Silken Smoke Ring using Rowan Pure Silk DK. It's a pattern I downloaded from the internet by Angela Ho and Flora Young - a sort of cowl.
Favourite needles? KnitPro for straights and Addi Turbos and Addi Lace needles for circulars.
Why do you knit? My kids think I'm obsessed, but if I didn't knit I think I'd go ever so slightly mad! I'm very determined despite my limited vision (I'm registered as partially sighted) and will tackle anything, however complicated. The only thing that limits me a bit are the very dark yarns, but otherwise the world is my oyster!

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