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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Kangaloonies member Iris

Favourite Yarns: Silk and Mohair
Favourite colours: all of them!
Favourite projects: I really enjoyed knitting the Knitkits Beaded Bag Kit. I'd not knitted with beads before, even though everyone was telling me it was easy (which it was), so I was very pleased to have a go and master it.
Best Pattern: I much prefer patterns that are written out, rather than ones with charts, If there is a pattern I want to do with a chart, I'll either avoid it or sit down at the computer and 'write' it up!
Future Project? I'd really like to knit a Shetland 1-ply shawl - in fact, I may make that my 2010 project! I've made 2-ply shawls before and love them, but a 1-ply one would be the next challenge.
When do you Knit?: As often as possible. I was in a hospital waiting room recently for four hours and did a lot of knitting then, I got through 50g in one session.
Other Pastimes: Well, apart from knitting, I also love lace-making and quilting and often go to groups and classes especially for the latter.
Kangaloonies Project: I've just started working on a mohair jumper with a lacy design from a pattern I've had for ages.

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