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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Kangaloonies member Sally

When did you start knitting? I used to knit years ago, but then it became so much cheaper to buy knitted things rather than knit them yourself, especially for the kids, so I stopped.

What made you join the Kangaloonies? I'd started knitting again and was doing the Rainbow cardigan in Rowan's Kasbah Collection, but I had got in a mess with it. In fact, the dog had decided it served a much better purpose as a nest! So I came to Kangaroo to see if anyone could help me sort it out. We decided to change to the Sunshine jumper in the same book and I am delighted with the result. I even had enough Rowan Summer Tweed to make a matching scarf out of all the left-overs!

Was this your favourite project this year? Well, I also made some Noro gloves, the frilly ones from Mini Knits Two and the child's hat with ear flaps for my grand-daughter, they were great fun.

Favourite yarn? Noro - I love the colours and textures and it's great to knit with.

What other projects have you tackled? I've done a few of the KnitKits bags from Kangaroo which I've enjoyed doing - the Rosebud one in moss stitch and also the mitred purse in denim yarn.

And now? Well, I have an on-going project knitting squares (mainly when I'm travelling) for the Picnic blanket in Debbie Abraham's 'More Blankets and Throws' book, but have also just started a project using Rowan Siena which is lovely.

Favourite needles? Skinny Prym's - they'r my favourite needles as I love fine, plain knitting.

Aspirations for 2010? That's easy - learn to knit faster!

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