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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Kangaloonies knitting group member Wendy

When did you start knitting? I learnt as a child, but I didn't do very much until my daughter reached her 20's and asked me to teach her, so I did and that started me off again. In fact, I actually like the process of knitting more than I like actually wearing anything I've made.

Why did you come to Kangaroo? I wanted to knit socks, so I came to Kangaroo to learn. Not everyone understands knitting socks (comment from Jo: I can't see the point. Why go to all that bother and then hide them in your shoes?!), but I like the challenge.

Favourite project? Debbie Abrahams Mystery Cushion (pattern available to Knitter subscribers only). I'm a real fan of Debbie, I love everything she does.

Favourite yarn? Rowan Cotton Glace and Noro yarns.

Current project? Which one? I've got several on the go, but at the moment I'm trying out the Double Knitting technique with the Cuthbert Hat by Judy Furlong (the one that Wendy is knitting in the image, whilst modelling her trailing leaf sweater knitted in Rowan Pima Cotton DK). It's for a friend's husband, so I hope he likes it.

Ambition for 2010? To finish what I've started. I've got 'hideous' to finish (a camouflage jumper for my husband which involves lots of bobbins, see a hint of it in the top right hand corner of image). I'm also doing Debbie Abrahams mystery blanket and another mystery cushion from my Knitter subscription, plus a Noro jumper and a Noro waistcoat to finish. I really enjoy following other people's patterns, but ultimately I'd like to design my own patterns!

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