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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mystery Blanket knitting workshop with Debbie Abrahams - Day 1

Thursday 14th March, everyone is meant to be arriving here from the UK and it is snowing........! OMG, there are cancellations on Eurostar and flights delayed, are all my ladies going to arrive safely?
Amazingly, they do and the longest delay is only 20 minutes. Six arrive at Angouleme and the other five and Debbie fly into Bordeaux, by 8pm everyone is sitting in front of a roaring fire with glasses of Kir Royale clutched in their hands, phew!

The first supper is relatively subdued, everyone is tired after a long day of travelling and making new friends.

We have five returning guests (Clare, Wendy, Elizabeth, Felicity and Mary) and 6 new ones (Chris, Viviane, Helen, Katherine and sisters Andrea and Gill), but many of them know each other from other workshops and Ravelry so after the first evening they are like old friends. We have a reasonably early night ready for a day of knitting tomorrow.

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