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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mystery Blanket workshop day 2

Sunday, it is still freezing cold but the sun is shining.
Culli makes breakfast at La Verderie for Debbie, Wendy, Clare, Chris and Mary, I go to La Nougeree via the Boulangerie with fresh bread and croissant for Felicity, Elizabeth, Gill, Andrea, Helen, Viviane and Katherine.  After breakfast the La Verderie group arrive and everyone sits down to a full day workshop working on the 2013 Mystery Blanket project.

Gill reminds us that it is red nose day and has brought along one to model.

The Mystery Blanket Club is a wonderful concept developed by knitting designer Debbie Abrahams, and this is what you sign up for when you join -

The Mystery Blanket club is a unique knitting experience which invites knitters from all over the world to join. Over ten months, subscribers receive patterns and materials to knit individual squares which join together to make an exquisite blanket. The theme of the project is kept secret, only to be discovered as the squares are completed and the blanket takes shape.
Through the club, friendships have been made, techniques have been mastered and many happy hours of knitting have been had. Each design is exclusive and will not be published in any other format when the club has closed. This is a one-off project that is a must-have for knitters of all abilities!

Beading with dental floss

At this workshop Debbie is on hand to sort out any problems that anyone has with their project and explain the new technique she is using for beading with dental floss, also known as the hooking in method. Brilliant! it leaves the beads sitting really snug against the fabric and means you can bead on every stitch and every row if wanted. I think it will also work with a fine fishing line and will experiment tomorrow.
The patterns and yarn for the 2013 blanket are gorgeous and I wish I was making it.
The day flies by, with just a few breaks for tea, coffee, biscuits, lunch, and a brisk walk around the block.
Supper of Roquefort cheese, pear and walnut salad, duck breasts with wine and chocolate sauce and panetonne and brioche pudding with caramelised orange, the conversation is getting louder in the dining room and the wine seems to be going down faster.

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