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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mystery Blanket workshop Day 5

It;s raining again! Clare, Wendy, Debbie and I remember the workshop this time last year at La Verderie when it was sunny and warm enough to have lunch in the garden every day.
Never mind, I am sure this is better for the knitting.
The morning is spent working on the blankets, after lunch a trip to Cognac. We manage to dodge the showers with a quick trip to the supermarket, then wander down the pedestrianised shopping streets.

I am pleased to see that Cognac's answer to Specsavers is still featuring knitting yarn heavily in the window display. Sadly being Monday, most of the shops are shut, we mange to find a couple of clothes shops that are open but Mercerie Bonnet the fabric and yarn shop is shut, everyone peers forlornly through the windows, I promise them a visit to the Saintes branch tomorrow.

Back home for a warming supper of chilli con carne followed by plum crumble. Culli is starting to look like the pressure of looking after 11 women is getting to him..............

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