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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mystery Blanket workshop day 4

It's Sunday morning and a slightly later start to the day.
The weather is awful with torrential rain, wind, the odd sunny spell and rainbows.
Everyone settles down for a full day of knitting, the conversation ranges from condoms to continental knitting. It is great to listen in from the kitchen.
I have been making soup for luch every day which seems to be going down well, followed by salad, bread and cheese.
Culli's least favourite cheese - Goat!

After lunch the sun comes out and a few brave souls venture out for a bit of fresh air and a walk around the block, but soon scuttle back as it starts to rain again. Back to knitting and an even livelier discussion after a glass or two of wine at lunch time.
There seems to be a bit of competition on the amount of squares knitted so far for the Mystery Blanket,  however, the standard is perfect from all, with just a little colour deviation from Gill..................

Oops! I think the one she has her hand over should have
been lighter grey (see below)

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After a hard day of knitting and putting the world to rights we have apero's around the fire followed by dinner of roasted red pepper with cherry tomatoes for starters, roast pork and dauphinoise potatoes followed by banoffi cheesecake.

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