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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mystery Blanket workshop day 3

Saturday morning starts with a power cut, I think my trusty tea urn may have just passed the sell by date! However, with only 11 guests it is actually far better to have freshly brewed pots of tea and coffee.

After breakfast we all bundle into the minibus and Volvo for a trip to St Jean d'Angely. It is market day and it is the second Saturday in the month which means the bigger market, which also means the yarn stall!

12 of us descend on the yarn van, run by Papa and son. Lots of violently coloured acrylic, some slightly shiny nylon ribbon in spots, stripes and flowers that knits into frilly scarves (one or two are seduced by this, more of this later in the week), but amongst all the acrylic there are a few gems,  some lovely multi-coloured sock yarn and a great, wool/cotton/alpaca blend. It was probably the busiest 10 minutes on that stall during the day. Onwards to the lovely interiors shop, which also benefited from a frenzy of shopping with Debbie leading the charge.

We wandered back through the market to meet Culli in the cafe by the car park for warming hot chocolates and coffee and of course a bit of knitting.

After lunch we take everyone back to La Verderie to admire my new, but slightly chilly studio and make some purchases from the last few remnants of stock from Kangaroo followed by tea and biscuits. We leave hardened rugby fans Culli, Chris and Clare (and Wendy, but I think she was more interested in sleeping) to watch the the England/Wales match and go back to La Nougeree so that I can prepare supper and the rest can knit. However, the Welsh contingency also insist on watching the rugby, I truly wish we hadn't. I end up spending the evening with a depressed husband and three very smug Welsh guests.......................

Oh No! Wales have won.

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