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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Knitting and crochet workshop in France

the river at Saintes
Yesterday was another beautiful sunny morning and the first Monday in the month, which means the big market in Saintes. We all bundled into two cars and walked the length of the high street browsing the various stalls.
Saintes monthly market
Masses of colourful clothing, baskets, haberdashery, books, fabric, bags, something for everybody, a stop at Maison du Monde and a quick coffee then back through the market and home.

Maison du Monde

The girls bought me a gorgeous basket which will make a great knitting bag, Purl and Sue bought lovely summer tunics, Veronica found some huge buttons and we all bought something in Maison du Monde.
After lunch it was back to the crochet, sitting in the garden Carol took everyone through the techniques for working in the round and showed us how to make crochet bowls with beading and decorative edgings, competition for Culli's wooden bowls! Jacqui decided the chess set that he has just finished was in need of a few warmers, so crocheted a little bonnet, pompom supplied by Carol By the evening everyone had a healthy glow from the sun, after supper of salmon wrapped in parma ham with spinach and lentils and nectarines braised in cognac we sat around the table putting the world to rights. Conversations ranged from knitting, crochet, religion to sex and the wine flowed.

crochet bowls

handturned chess set, plus warmer
Today was another beautiful sunny morning, after breakfast everyone was straight out into the garden for some more sunshine. Sadly something had got into the Redstart nest outside the barn and all the chicks were dead on the ground, the first of the Spring fledgling fatalities. It was a full day workshop today, working on chevrons and covered buttons, alternating between the studio, the sun and the shady spot under the grape vine. We are getting a colourful collection of swatches and samples together. Supper tonight was paella followed by chocolate pots and strawberries, an early an night tonight I think.
chevrons and crochet covered buttons


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