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Saturday, 8 June 2013

knitting and crochet workshop in France

This week has absolutely flown by, we are on the last evening of the workshop and everyone seems really happy with what they have achieved.
The studio after a week of crochet
Yesterday was another hot and sunny day, we spent the whole day in the garden and studio working on how to attach crochet to a piece of knitted fabric, then everyone started on their own projects. Veronica is working on a lovely pair of lacy knit fingerless mittens with crochet welt, button fastening and crochet trim, Jacqui made a very pink crochet flower hair slide for her grand-daughter and has started on a super chunky even more pink version of a lace mat which looks amazing, Sue is knitting an envelope clutch bag with a double layer crochet trim, Purl is making a knitted scarf with a picot fan trim, Carol has (inbetween teaching everyone the finer points of crochet) made me a beautiful flower cosy for the coffee pot and I have actually managed to finish a necklace and a jug cover!


As a group they have all achieved a huge amount this week, varying skill levels proved to be no problem and Carol has provided endless amounts of enthusiasm and inspiration.
Last night it was warm enough to eat supper of chicken tagine and golden croissant pudding in the garden and sit out there until long after dark.
Today has been very hot and humid. Eeryone is now so obsessed with crochet that they were happy to spend the day in the studio working on their projects, until early evening when Culli took Sue, Jacqui, Purl and Veronica to Chantageasse (our Friday night in the pub session), whilst Carol and I stayed here and watched a thunder storm circling around us. The others returned from the bar sounding very merry and we had the final supper of pasta with creamy tomato and prawn sauce, followed by tarte tatin, then an evening of conversation and wine enjoying the cooler air.
Tomorrow a trip to La Rochelle before dropping everyone off at the airport.

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