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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Knitting and crochet workshop in France - full day workshop

a rainy day in the studio
Thursday morning it was pouring with rain, luckily we had already decided to spend the whole day working on our projects. Sue and I went for a very short and wet walk with BeBop, listening to the rumble of thunder in the distance. After breakfast we all settled in the studio. Jane showed us how to make Dorset buttons and a variety of crochet flowers to use as embellishment.
Christine's dorset buttons

Christine's cushion

Hannah's crochet holder

Sue's dorset button

Hannah's flower embellishments

my birds of life cushion

My flower embellishment to go on a fabric cushion

Sue's cushion cover

Jane's new project
Christine and Sue are making cushions, inspired by Jane and Debbie's book Kaleidoscope, I am making the 'Birds of Life' cushion from Jane's book Homespun Vintage and Hannah is making a roll to store her crochet hooks using some of the techniques from Kaleidoscope and has also started on a pillow cover based on Gabrielle in Homespun Vintage that she is going to embellish with multi-coloured flowers.
Cognac tasting at Egreteau
The rain stopped in the evening so we went on an outing to Egreteau, our local Cognac producer for a tour of the distillery and a little tasting session of Cognac and Pineau, everyone bought some Pineau and Jane and Hannah bought some Cognac for Father's day pressies.

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