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Monday, 24 September 2012

Days 4 at the Kaleidoscope workshop

 The sun is just coming up as I walk from the cottage to the Chateau, casting a beautiful light on the impressive church spire. It is another chilly morning but hopefully will warm up later.
After breakfast we take everyone to Chauvigny, a beautiful market town on the river Vienne. Some make the steep climb up to the old town to visit the church. 

The interior of the church is very light with white painted bricks and gorgeous painted friezes in soft subtle shades, perfect for knitting inspiration. We meet the group at a cafe ready for the trip back to the Chateau, Danny has picked up a brochure from a local estate agent and is scouring it for a property to buy, not sure if he is serious!

After lunch most of the group are back outside with their knitting and crochet in the sunshine. 
We have supper of paella, followed by croissant and brioche bread pudding. My feet are starting to hurt, it is a 70m round trip from the kitchen to the dining room, I reckon that in the course of a day I probably walk around 5km, it should be good for the figure but I fear all the left over croissant, cheese and puddings that I pick at all day long are not helping!

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