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Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 5 at the Kaleidoscope workshop

Sadly it is the final full day, the week seems to have flown by and I haven't picked up a knitting needle or had much of a chance to talk to anyone. I have decided that cooking for 24 people every day is hard work! and am looking forward to the smaller workshops at La Verderie next year. It will be sad not to come back to the Chateau, but this has been such a good week I think it will be hard to repeat, so a good time to move on to a smaller venue. We certainly couldn't have managed without Andy and Steve helping with the washing up and trundling the trolley backwards and forwards from the dining room - thanks guys!
A quick trip upstairs in search of coffee mugs reveals where all the wine bottles have been disappearing to at night!
Early morning in the workroom
 We have a free morning with an offer of a trip to Poitiers, but all are keen to carry on with their projects so Culli and I take only Katrin into town, we drop her off to do some shopping and make our final run to the supermarket. Back to the Chateau for lunch with Katrin cursing because she had forgotten to take her purse with her, so it was a cheap outing for her!
The afternoon is spent finishing projects, Toril has decided she doesn't like the beading on her project so takes a hammer to it smashing all the glass beads, how could she after all that work!

At the end of the afternoon everyone lays out their projects in the first floor sitting room for a show and tell. The results are beautiful and do justice to the title of the course with a stunning blend of colours.

Afterwards everyone receives a certificate hand drawn by Culli, we are thoroughly spoiled with gifts of whisky for Culli, bubbly for Steve and Andy and goody bags for Jane, Debbie and I with beautiful necklaces, bracelets, nail varnish and gorgeous Liz Earle products.
The final supper of provencal beef, fish pie or veggie crumble is finished off with pavlova and chocolate brownies. Then Wendy treats us to another of her stories about her trip to Russia, reducing everyone to tears of laughter. Culli has christened her the Kangaloonies answer to Ronnie Corbett.
Listen with Wendy

Andy and Steve at their chores
The traditional tour of the Chateau takes place, followed by more wine and another late night.

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