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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day three at the Kaleidoscope workshop

Early morning in the Chateau

It is a bright sunny morning at Chateau St Julien, with golden light streaming through the windows. Today is another full day workshop working on chosen projects and being helped through various techniques by Jane and Debbie. Steve (Debbie's husband) gives a short presentation on the Debbie Abrahams Bead collection and the Bead Club visit here for full details and to purchase online. He has heaps of colourful knitting beads to sell, I know I will be tempted before the end of the week!

Debbie Abrahams knitting beads

Jane Crowfoot's Crochet club projects

Projects from the Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket Club

The work is growing quickly, with everyone keen to finish their project by Friday evening. Culli takes Katrin, Danny and I into Poitiers in the morning, Danny to book a train ticket, Katrin to buy a crochet hook and another supermarket run for me. We all meet for coffee in the sunshine then back to the Chateau for lunch.

Most of the workshop is now outside enjoying the sunshine. We serve apero's of rose and pamplemousse and cook supper of Normandy pork, moules a la mariniere and roasted veg and pasta gratin followed by chocolate pots. 

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