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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Machine Knitting workshops

It promises to be a blisteringly hot day here, I have just been out with the dogs and it is already over 20 degrees centigrade so a good day for working in the cool. I have a stall at a Brocante tomorrow with my friend Barbara so need to sort out some of my endless junk to take, at the same time I thought I would have a sort through the stash pile. I am on the hunt for a second hand standard guage knitting machine, I love the old chunky one as it is great for using up the stash of hand-knit yarns but feel the urge for something fine and lacey, will check out ebay.
We also have a booking for our first knitting retreat in the autumn and it is someone who wants to learn about machine knitting, so the September retreat has now become a machine knitting workshop, with spaces for three more guests.

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