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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The last day of June

It is the end of another month and summer is finally in full swing, hot and sunny with a temperature of 35 in our courtyard, the photo is of the hollyhocks that grow all around the little hamlets here like weeds.
Culli and I have just spent a busy week in the UK, a hectic mix of work and pleasure with not a spare moment for up-dating the blog. We finally got to meet Martha our newest grand-daughter and at the other end of the scale went to my uncle Martin's 100th birthday party! He still lives on his own, does his Tesco's shopping on-line and what do you think we gave a 100 year old for a birthday present? - a webcam!
I also met up with Kay the Rowan rep and got to see all the new autumn/winter range, difficult to think of in soaring temperatures, but the new magazine no. 48 is due out in just over 2 weeks.
The summer sale is still going at Kangaroo for a few more days to make room for all the new stock, so snap up the bargains now.

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  1. Wow!!! 100years old...happy birthday 'Uncle Martin'. I am impressed by his techno-savvyness