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Monday, 7 June 2010


Yesterday was the brocante at Nere and my friend Barbara and I had a stall to sell off some of our (and a few other people's) old junk. The day started off with a thunderstorm right overhead and torrential rain, fortunately we were next to the bar so took shelter there. Large coffees, bacon butties and dancing to a clockwork gorilla singing 'hot, hot, hot' kept us entertained for the morning. The rain finally eased off, but too late for me to find any bargains on the other stalls, the dealers had already snapped up the goodies and unusually not a ball of yarn in sight. It stayed damp and cloudy for most of the morning but by the afternoon the sun was out, the Rose wine was flowing and the junk disappearing fast. Brocantes are great people watching places, it was an entertaining day but certainly from the selling point of view I think once was enough.

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