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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Knitting workshop at Chateau St Julien

It is day three of the workshop and the first time I have had a chance to sit down and up-date the blog.
All the guests and Heike and Anne arrived safely on Monday with a few delays on the trains but otherwise no problems, it was very hot and sunny so the apero's on the terrace were very welcome. The chateau is as beautiful as ever and Nash and Linda the owners are here, so it is good to meet up with them again.
Yesterday was an introduction to the course in the morning, we have nine newcomers to the chateau and the remaining seven are repeat bookings, so know the ropes. In the afternoon Culli and I ferried everyone into Poitiers for an afternoon shopping which was cut short by violent thunderstorms. The theme for the week is working with colour and the students were not allowed to see the yarns and fabric until the end of the first day (caught you peeking Rhona! but in fairness only a few minutes before the unveiling), this meant having to start on a design from their inspiration without a specific colour in mind. After supper Heike and Anne revealed the yarns and fabric they have brought along for the week, everyone pounced with glee and disappeared clutching balls of cotton glace, milk cotton, handknit cotton and kidsilk haze in gorgeous summer shades and matching fabric. Many sat up well in to the night to make a start on their designs for the week. Culli and I sat outside the chateau for a late night relax and watched the mist coming in.
Today has been a mix of sunshine and showers outside with the odd rumble of thunder. Inside the chateau everyone is engrossed in their projects, this afternoon there is a workshop on crochet and I am just off to make the dessert for tonight, chocolate pots with prunes soaked in cognac.
We are using our ancient laptop and I forgot to bring the connection lead for my camera so will have to upload the photos when I get home on Sunday, for more info on how we are all getting on and some photos see Heike's blog here.

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