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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day 4 at the knitting workshop

A bit of a grey day outside and very quiet inside I managed to stagger out of bed to lay up breakfast by 8 and so far only Tracey has appeared. Last night was fairly noisy, the noise levels in the dining room go up every day. Wendy was entertaining everyone with tales of her foreign lodgers.....
The keener members of the group were upstairs knitting frantically. Today is just a morning workshop with a free afternoon. We are taking a few into Poitiers to hit the yarn shop, whilst Culli and I go to the supermarket again. I have ordered a whole salmon which I need to poach for tonight - a practice run as I am catering for a wedding in June and it worked! Here is Culli skinning it ready to be served with herb mayo, new potatoes and fresh green beans.

The sun came out in time for kirs on the terrace and for Nash to give his talk on the history of the chateau. The oldest part of the chateau was built in the 12th century, the medieval tower has a spiral staircase that goes from the kitchen to the top floor with concealed doorways on each level. Culli and I are in the haunted bedroom on the second floor, but have not had any ghostly visitors yet! To read more about the history of Chateau St Julien l'Ars visit their website.

The knitting projects are coming along well with some lovely original designs, see some of the photos on Heike's blog here. I have decided to knit a post workshop project, there are some lovely ornamental poppies in the grounds, perhaps a bag or a jumper for my grand-daughter Poppy.

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