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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mystery Blanket workshop - day 2

The second day of the Mystery Blanket workshop and the sun has vanished, as we had a full day workshop planned no-one minded (except Debbie who has only brought along her summer wardrobe and nothing else.....). I spent the morning in the kitchen, while Debbie went through Japanese short row shaping with the group. Every time someone completes a square there is a loud cheer, but Elizabeth has just admitted that she has unravelled more than she has knitted today. Perhaps we could have a workshop on unravelling!

In the afternoon the sun comes out again and it is warm enough to move outside for more hysterical conversation, knitting and a bit of unravelling.
                     Some of the lovely buttons I bought at the market in Saintes yesterday morning

Mystery blanket square
Early in the evening we take some of the group around to Egreteau our local Cognac producer for a tour of the distillery and a few tasters of pineau and cognac, it was a good session for Pappy the owner with lots of purchases, we merrily set off for La Nougerée and supper of lamb tagine and tart tatin. 
Cognac tasting

Pappy horrified at his prize Cognac being called brandy

The hardened knitters continue with their squares, Andrea working by torch light as it gets dark, the rest of us are happy to sit by the fire and relax.

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