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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mystery Blanket workshop - days 3 & 4

Yesterday morning we went to Cognac, first stop was Tissus Bonnet the lovely fabric and yarn shop for fabric remnants printed with colourful macaroons and cupcakes, gorgeous ribbons and trimmings and yarn with pompoms.
Fabric remnants and ribbon from Tissus Bonnet

We had a coffee in the square, then wandered back through the town via some of the clothes shops to the indoor market and home for lunch.

 a hoopoe in the garden at La Nougerée
In the afternoon workshop Debbie went through horizontal and vertical mattress stitch and swiss darning, the main bug bear on the Mystery Blanket still seems to be thistles!

Supper was fresh asparagus wrapped in parma ham for starters, followed by fish pie and then peaches cooked in Pineau and brown sugar. Another evening of laughter and knitting in front of the fire.

Brizambourg brocante
Today is a public holiday in France, so although the shops were shut we still managed to spend some money at the little brocante in Brizambourg.

There were more stalls than usual, but the best one by far had heaps of old cotton and linen sheets, pillowcases, crochet and lace.

There was a shopping frenzy with Annabel, Felicity, Debbie and me grabbing pieces of fabric and lace, all amazingly cheap. Usually at the brocantes you pay a fortune for the old fabrics but it was our lucky day! We all came away with bags of goodies, they now have the problem of getting it all home!

After lunch of salads and cheese everyone moved into the garden to enjoy the sunshine.

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