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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

September knitting retreat

Today we went to visit Irene's friend Lena who lives in the Charente near Rochefoucauld. Irene and Lena are into dyeing yarn using various forms of funghi and the results are absolutely amazing!

funghi colour

funghi stash

paper made from funghi and a mushroom

a mushroom wall hanging

a piece of woven fabric using yarn dyed by Lena

more mushroom fabric

a bag made from mushrooms

funghi shades

Lena took us on a tour of her workshop (where everything revolves around mushrooms and funghi in various forms and shapes), showing us yarns in the most beautiful shades, there were 6 balls of mohair that I was very tempted to slip into my bag unnoticed....

on the right, the mohair shades I want!

more funghi colour

After drooling over the colours and learning a lot about dyeing we went into Rochefoucauld for a lovely lunch at 'Chez Steph'.
Chez Steph

a huge dessert

Then admired the beautiful Chateau from the outside (sadly closed to the public on Tuesday's) then back home to cook supper for Culli and Frank who had been slaving over a hot lathe all day.

Unfortunately Elke's dreams of a useful knitting related wooden gift from her husband seem to have gone out of the window, Frank has started work on a huge chunk of Olive Ash which sounds like it is turning into something far larger than a yarn bowl................., we are looking forward to seeing the finished project on Thursday. It is Irene and Clare's last full day, Clare has finished her crochet cushion, just the sewing up to go and has made good progress on her knitted bag. Irene's jacket is starting to take shape and the cable pattern looks lovely.
Irene's cable jacket

Clare's Lopi bag

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