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Friday, 12 October 2012

October knitting retreat at La Verderie

The second day of the retreat and everyone is relaxing into knitting, talking, eating and drinking. Sandra, Sue and I start the day walking the dogs. The grape harvest is in full swing at the moment so the air is ripe with the intoxicating smell of grape skins, we wander up the lane through the woods and collect a bowl full of walnuts on the way home, battling to get to them before the dogs scoff the lot.
After a morning of knitting, Sandra finally finishes her mini stocking with the intarsia Father Christmas, I manage at least another 10 rows of Culli's jumper and Rosemary stops unravelling her project. We head off for Saintes after lunch and dodge the rain showers taking shelter in Maison du Monde and the yarn shop, then drive up to the top of town for a view of the impressive Roman amphitheatre.

Culli, Rosemary, Sandra, Sue and I go for a visit to Egreteau our local Cognac producer. It is not the best time for them as they are really busy with the harvest, but are as welcoming as usual and Madame takes us for a tour of the distillery with generous tastings of pineau and cognac, we all buy of a bottle of VSOP and merrily head home for more wine. Rosemary's quote for the day 'I don't drink much, just almost every day'!

Neighbour Gill joins us for supper of melon with parma ham, paella and tart tatin, then we watch the Choir and manage a bit more knitting. During 'mock the week', there is a loud exclamation of 'two fingers' from Sue, we think she is referring to the progress on her knitted gloves and not what was being discussed on the telly............... I finally get to bed some time after midnight.

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