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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Knitting Retreat final day

Plans to go to the brocante at St Bris de Bois have been scuppered thanks to heavy downpours. So for a slight deviation from knitting we have a go at drawing conkers! Really must get these art classes going next year. The sun breaks through for a few minutes after lunch so Rosemary and Sandra take BeBop for a quick walk around the block, then more knitting until it is time for the trip to Bordeaux. It is sad to see everyone go, Culli has volunteered for the trip to Bordeaux while I get going on the housework ready for the next retreat.
Geraldine was certainly the most prolific knitter, nearly completing her lace cardigan and making a start on a child's chunky jacket, Rosemary's stole is taking shape, Sue has almost a pair of gloves and Sandra has lost count of her Christmas stockings but could be almost there, I have completed the back and half the front of Culli's sweater...........

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