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Friday, 27 May 2011

A week of birthdays

Kangaroo was 30 years old on the 18th May, Aunty Joyce was 90 on the 19th May and youngest grand-daughter Martha was 1 on the 22nd May.

Me on the left and Karen on the right
To celebrate Kangaroo's 30th anniversary I am re-writing some of the patterns for the original children's knits I designed when the shop first opened. These were mostly machine knits and some of them look positively dated rather than cool vintage, however with a bit of tweaking and some new shades they will make a lovely collection of hand-knit designs and will be available soon as patterns or kits.
The photo above was taken in our first year of trading and is of me, my friend Karen who started the business with me, her baby boy Ben and my first Golden Retriever Bodie.

Some original Kangaroo knits
Aunty Joyce treated us to lunch at the Waterside Inn in Bray to celebrate her 90th, which was superb. It was a lovely sunny day and started with champagne and canapes on the terrace, followed by a yummy lunch, petits fours and coffee. The service was fantastic and the desserts a work of art, a great day and so nice to see Joyce enjoying herself so much.

Aunty Joyce (and my pud at the front)
Martha's tea party was a little noisier, an afternoon in the garden with the new trampoline being tested out by elder sister Eliza, while the grown ups lazed in the sun with a glass of bubbly. The teddy bears cake was the highlight of the day, but the marzipan has done nothing good for my diet.....!

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