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Monday, 7 March 2011

The move

I finally seem to be surfacing from the mountain of packing boxes, my office still looks like a tornado has gone through it but things are improving. Kangaroo is temporarily set up in a bedroom at La Verderie, where it will have to stay until we get the work to the chai and the barn finished (which could be some time!) I have signed the contract for another book with a deadline of early April so the pressure is on again.

The move was even more stressful than moving house, with the added complication of keeping the computers running, finding stock in the mass of collapsible boxes and black bin liners, sending out orders and trying to keep all the customers happy. On top of all this I have to complete half year accounts for the UK, complete my registrations in France, decide on the best postage options, re-price and change loads of things on the website, design some new kits for KnitKits and then there is the garden.......

My poor little courtyard has been totally neglected for the last 6 months, so am trying to spend a little time every day out there. The weather is fantastic at the moment, still cold at night with a frost but up to 23 degrees in the daytime.

The crochet workshop here in October with Jane Crowfoot is now fully booked, which is really exciting. I am emailing tutors this week to arrange some more dates for 2012, so watch this space! We have had a few chambres d'hotes enquiries and is starting to get more hits which is good news.

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