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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Last day of July

Another month has whizzed by, the 31st July was a blisteringly hot day with not a cloud in sight. Perfect for a visit to the Cognac Blues Passion. This brilliant music festival takes place every year and most of the music is free. The bands are usually excellent and mainly French or American with great bluesey names. This year we just went for the afternoon and saw 'Travis "Moonchild" Haddix' in the park, caught a quick soundcheck from 'Watermelon Slim' and then walked up to the main square to see 'The BW Jumpers', back home for a walk with the dogs then an impromptu BBQ over the road with Gill, Merv, Hubert and Marina.
Today is the last day of the Blues Festival, but we have thunderstorms rumbling all around and it is also final day of my stock checking so have decided to stay at home and make plum chutney and finish my admin!

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