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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

August 31st

It feels like summer is coming to an end. The weather today has been wonderful, a clear blue sky with a day time temperature of 28c, but when I went for my morning walk with the dogs it was a very autumnal 9c. Gill and Merv our part-time neighbours head back to the UK tomorrow and Culli, our sailing friend Mike and I are off for a late summer holiday on our little boat leaving my cousin Moira and her mates to dog and house sit. The grapes and tomatoes are falling on the ground so my last job before I go on holiday is yet more spicy tomato chutney, grape jelly and grape vodka..... (not totally convinced about that one, but watch this space). We get back in time for the first of the autumn workshops at Kangaroo, the first knitting retreat here at La Verderie, bramble jelly, sloe gin and very probably green tomato chutney.

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