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Saturday, 13 February 2010


We are back onto finishing off the house with a vengeance. For many reasons this got put on the back burner, so we currently have a half finished kitchen, still the glorious pink bathroom and some very French plumbing and electrics. I keep on setting targets for starting the weekend knitting retreat here in France and failing miserably, but this year we will be open for business by the autumn. Watch this space for daily progress reports and before and after photos!!!
This weekend Culli is finishing off some cupboards and shelving for me on the big landing which will be a great workstation for the knitting and sewing machine and will make a lovely snug for guests to sit and knit. I will finally have my collection of knitting books, magazines and stash all in one place!!! (well maybe not all the stash, no room is big enough for that....)

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