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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Exploring colour workshop at Chateau St Julien l'Ars

Culli and I arrived at the Chateau on Saturday evening, it is looking as beautiful as ever. We sat on the terrace with a bottle of wine and a bowl of moules and I carried on writing some never-ending lists for the week. This beautiful Chateau can be rented by anyone on a self-catering basis and will sleep up to 45 in 15 bedrooms, for further details click here.
Sunday morning was bright and sunny, we have a total of 17 guests arriving and the two tutors Emma King and Sarah Hazell. Culli went off to the airport and station to pick up the first three arrivals, Pippa, Caroline and Mary and I made many trips up the three flights of stairs to check all the bedrooms and work out who was going where. It was good to see Caroline and Mary again, both were on our second French workshop two years ago. After lunch Culli headed off to pick up the next batch from the station, all the pick ups went to plan, with no delays (apart from Natalie who we thought was lost in France, but it was just a little mistake on the arrival time), so Chris who had arrived by car leapt to the rescue and went and picked up a car load and by 7 pm everyone was sitting on the terrace with their knitting and apero in hand. We have four more returns from last June, Mary, Felicity, Karen and Sarah. By the time everyone sat down to Mustard Pork casserole and Tuscan bean stew, everyone was getting along fine. Emma and Sarah stayed up until nearly midnight getting the workshop ready for Sunday, and it looked amazing. I crawled off to bed feeling shattered.

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