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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Fil en fete

The June/July knitting retreat coincided with Fil en Fete in St Jean d'Angely. This fabulous exhibition is held here every two years and showcases a stunning mix of patchwork, quilting, boutis, lacemaking, tapestry weaving and embroidery. The exhibits are in 8 different venues around the town and include a selection of stalls selling materials and finished products.

This amazing fan is made from recycled denim

silks for sale

I couldn't resist this dahlia outside one of the halls

a lace necklace nearly completed

and the grey one on the model at the top is now mine!

Culli's largest yarn bowl to date, we decided it was too lovely to cut a hole for the yarn

And this beautiful quilt is my favourite - made for me by my friend Sue and would definitely have been worthy of a space in the exhibition

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