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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Fabric painting

For a very long time one of the things on my to do list has been to re-cover the faded old French bed that we inherited when we bought our house 12 years ago. However, the thought of removing the thousands of little round headed nails has constantly put it back to the bottom of the list. But one of my craft group ladies (thank you Sue B!) suggested painting the fabric. It worked!

As I have a stock of paint nearly as large as my yarn stash I decided to mix half a pot of dark blue chalk paint (Annie Sloan chalk paint from Couleurs de Vie) with some pale blue eggshell. This came out as a kind of teal shade and covered the fabric in 3 coats, then just 1 coat of chalk paint on the woodwork a coat of wax over everything et voila!

Easy - why didn't I do it years ago. Now all I need is something to do with the vast amounts of grey velvet I bought for this project........................

Here it is before

and after

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