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Sunday, 20 October 2013

October knitting retreat

The last retreat this year is going brilliantly and so far the sun has been shining. We have four guests - Franziska from Switzerland and Jennifer, Angela and Verna, all from a US military base in Germany. This is actually the youngest group we have had staying here, they are all competent knitters, but are enjoying experimenting with new techniques and it is really enjoyable to be able to help them and watch their enthusiasm.

Franziska is designing an i-pad cover using two colours and slip stitch to form a honeycomb design, 

Jennifer is working on a cardigan for herself and a felted wine bottle carrier 

Angela is experimenting with cables and fairisle and knitting a pair of socks in between,

Verna is half way through a cowl and has just started a hat for her husband - and this is only the first day!
The weather has been lovely, warm enough for lunch outside in the garden and cool enough in the evening for a log fire.
We also have another guest for a couple of weeks - Puck, who is very sweet, but looks like she belongs in Star Wars.....

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