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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Catching Up

 Phew! The knitted samples for my latest book have finally gone off in the post, just a few patterns to check and that is it - hurrah!

Since the crochet workshop in May there has been so much going on here, but sadly no time for blogging or website up-dates until now.

In between the frantic knitting I helped Culli to antifoul and varnish the boat ready for the sailing season as we have guests who want to learn to sail. We have had B&B guests at the weekends and a short retreat for knitting friend Caroline and her daughter Betsy. 
Caroline knitting in the garden

Betsy swimming in the lake at Thors

Beading in the restaurant at Thors
The weather has been mixed, hot when the sun is out but not brilliant for June. Betsy braved the lake at Thors and went for a swim, whilst we sat in the restaurant and knitted our way through lunch.
The garden has gone mad, the fennel is taking over, we have fresh lettuce every day and my tomato plants have gone wild (yes, I forgot to pinch them out again....), however it looks like there are plenty of toms coming as long as they survive Bix the dog's veggie cravings.
We have another knitting retreat starting this Sunday, with four guests arriving at Bordeaux and Angouleme, we will make a plan for outings when they get here.

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