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Sunday, 29 April 2012

French knitting retreat days 3 and 4

My new garden planters
Friday morning brought more rain so we settled in with the knitting, Hannah is going well on her first attempt at fairisle, Jane is steaming along with the baby knit from her new pattern book, Maureen is cursing her crochet pattern for a toy duck and Jane G has finished her toy Kiwi.
Friday afternoon the weather was a bit brighter so we left Maureen relaxing at home and headed off for Cognac. A wander around the town and visit to the yarn shop followed by a trip to Auchan which seemed to be the highlight of the day for Hannah who was in food heaven clutching bags of cheese and spicy sausages to take home.
The Kiwi with a Gin and tonic!
Saturday morning and the weather was getting worse, torrential rain looked like it was set in for the day so non-stop knit'n'natter. Culli braved the elements to build me some new planters for the garden, wishing the rain would stop now so that I can fill them. No trip to the market today.
I made banana cake for tea then Jane G and I took the dogs for a quick walk along the lane in the afternoon and got soaked to the skin, the ditches are overflowing and lakes forming everywhere. Everyone seems very happy though and knitting projects are getting finished, Hannah has finished her little fairisle, Maureen has finished two scarves and Jane has finished her little cardi (apart from the dreaded sewing up).
Supper of Charentaise melon salad followed by Provencal beef stew and pasta bake topped up with lemon cheesecake, I think we need to go somewhere tomorrow for a bit of exercise.

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