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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Christmas holidays are over

Time to get back to work, detox and diet!
We have had two weeks of vegging out in front of the new telly (Christmas gift from Amy and James) and dog walking our enthusiastic four-legged guests Ollie, Jack and Joe along with our two. Five dogs around the house has been a bit mad and very messy but they have all had a great time.
Culli with Bix and BeBop, visitors Jack, Joe and Ollie and neighbours Pickles and Bartie
Neighbours Gill and Merv go back to the UK today until Easter so La Verderie will return to peace and quiet.
I have a new book project with a deadline of early March, so two months of frantic knitting coming up.
The new gates and sign at La Verderie
There is masses of maintenance to do on the house before the Spring, we have just finished building the new gates and put up the new Chambres d'hotes sign, now I need to re-decorate the hall and a couple of bedrooms before the knitting design workshop in March and the garden still needs some serious pruning and pollarding.....................

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